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Future You

Must have taken a long time to shoot this one.
Must have taken a long time to shoot this one.

My buddies over at the New York Lottery have recently jumped on the bandwagon of imagining a future you in regards to retirement.   However, whereas most financial advice leans towards imagining how you would like to spend your later years now so you can delay gratification, this one turns the tables (and the math) on it’s head by asking the viewer to imagine how mad the future you would be if you never bought that winning lottery ticket.  See video here.

While entertaining I have to say this is a bit unsettling.  Not only are Continue reading

Using Small Goals to Stay on Track

Who makes their ones like that?

Whether the conversation is about getting in shape, saving money or learning a new language, it’s generally accepted that the best way to get to the mountain top is to have goals to hit along the way.  For losing weight it may be a simple goal of losing 5 pounds this month, or going to the gym three times this week.  These small achievable goals give you something nearby to shoot for on what can often be a very long trip.   And in the case of personal finance or saving for retirement, the trip is most certainly very very long.

Unfortunately, most of the goals presented on personal finance site are major goals; save enough for retirement, become debt free, buy a house.  How many of those can be checked off in a month?   How many times can someone buy a home?

What we need are smaller more achievable goals. We need to create Continue reading

GRS Crowd Funding Request Pisses Off Readers

Our buddies over at GetRichSlowly, a site which I generally recommend, recently posted an on crowd funding which did not please its readership.   Basically, some dude names Eric Estrada (no relation) feels his family has been doing good saving money and therefore is justified in asking strangers to help pay off his mortgage.  This went over like a lead balloon in the comments section.

If I just get a dime from everyone in the world...
If I just get a dime from everyone in the world…

The article is prefaced by GRS’s hemming and hawing about whether to post Eric’s plea.  I’m not sure what actually tipped the scales in favor of posting it but it was done under the guise of a discussion about crowd funding (basically asking the Internet crowd to fund whatever it is you want by getting a large number of small contributions from the group).

Many users pointed out that this goes entirely against the grain of Continue reading