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Why I Still Play the Lottery Sometimes

I know, I know. There is no justification for playing the lottery;  the odds of winning are almost nil, you have to pay a mess of taxes on what you do get, and what you get will be a lot less than advertised.   And yet, I still play once in a while. Like today.

Today the PowerBall is up beyond 250 million dollars.   This is an awfully large number, and certainly one that could set me up pretty nicely for the rest of my life, but I don’t have a hard lower threshold for when I play.   Nor do I always play when it reaches these huge sums – it may hit $400 million and I’ll blissfully go about my day without any thoughts of playing.

So why did I play today?   Because I’m superstitious and a fool at times.   Continue reading

Learning about Money

Piggy Bank Drawn on Blackboard

I never thought too much about money when I was growing up.  We certainly weren’t rich, so it’s not that money wasn’t an object.  And we weren’t poor either, so I never had to think about a lack of money, or wish for more of it to buy food or the pay the rent or mortgage.

From an early age my mother tried to instill the concept of saving your pennies in me.  For the most part it took pretty well.  When I was old enough to receive an allowance for doing chores around the house, which I think was five dollars a week, I would add the money to my piggy bank.  I would also save any money I received as gifts during birthdays or holidays.  All of this money was almost invariably used to Continue reading