Future You

Must have taken a long time to shoot this one.
Must have taken a long time to shoot this one.

My buddies over at the New York Lottery have recently jumped on the bandwagon of imagining a future you in regards to retirement.   However, whereas most financial advice leans towards imagining how you would like to spend your later years now so you can delay gratification, this one turns the tables (and the math) on it’s head by asking the viewer to imagine how mad the future you would be if you never bought that winning lottery ticket.  See video here.

While entertaining I have to say this is a bit unsettling.  Not only are they pitching a product that never really makes economic sense (which I’m guilty of buying), but they’re going the extra mile to take it from beyond the standard “dream a little dream” pitch to actually seeming like good advice.  Here they’ve told you you’ve already won, you just don’t know it yet.

Personally, I miss this ad:

Too sweet?  No. Just right.
Too sweet? No. Just right.
What do you think?  Did their ‘Future You’ ad go too far?

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